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Go beyond media kit: market your advertising space directly and interactively

Diversify and increase your income quickly and easily in a self-service way, with our unique advertising space sales tool.

  • Advertiser center at
  • Your ad tags remains unchanged, delivery the campaigns with your ad-server.
  • If you are a Google DFP user, the unsold traffic can be monetized by AdSense with no passbacks. Maximize your income with no drawbacks.

Analyze the campaigns: Online reports for you and your advertiser

View reports concerning active or completed campaigns and generate reports that can be organized by tags.

  • Analyze each ad's performance.
  • The advertiser can modify active campaigns based on your performance reports.

Offer advantages to your advertiser: Easy traffic forecast and audience segmentation

Your advertiser will be able to buy campaigns based on the traffic expectation for the intended placement period, in addition to segmenting traffic for specific audiences

  • Forecasts are instantly calculated and displayed.
  • Full integration with DMPs for behavioural segmentation
  • Offer your 1st party data, such as tags, content sessions, etc.
  • Data presented in an innovative manner, with dynamic and attractive graphs.


Innovate in how you sell online advertising. Use our self-service tool and use technology in your favor.

Gain more time, scale and, most importantly, competitiveness through automation.

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